About Us

Light Logics is a techno-intensive company with core capabilities in Holographic Imaging and Photonics. The Company is led by a set of internationally renowned scientists and technologists with more than twenty five years of R&D and industrial experience in Holography, and with proven track record in executing challenging projects in advanced areas of holography. This makes us a unique company with cutting edge capabilities in its true sense. The Company is financially supported by non-resident Indians who are professionals functioning in US, UK and the Middle East and is mentored by a set of Professors, senior professionals and business Gurus who functioned in various international laboratories, leading Institutes of Technology, Centers of Excellence and industries specializing in lasers and photonics.

We undertake turn-key installation of laboratories and R&D facilities and support Universities and Research Centers to achieve fast-track modernization of Physics/ Photonics/ Computer Science/ Mechanical Engineering Departments and start advanced research programs in relevant avenues of holography and photonics. Our R&D mentoring programs transform Departments into Centers of Excellence in next generation S&T avenues. Light Logics is certified for following a quality Management System that complies with the ISO 9001:2000.

Our Action areas
  • Manufacturing of core Machinery for holographic imaging
  • Production of holograms and holographic products
  • Turn-key installation of machines and hologram Production Centers
  • Turn-key installation of holography laboratories and R&D facilities
  • Contract Research in holography and technical consultancy
  • Holographic brand building and product promotion
Why Light Logics
  • 25 years expertiseand core competence in modern holography
  • Widest spectrum of holography machines and holographic products
  • Client friendly and dynamic Team of experts
  • Ethical business and long-standing relations
  • Global reach and 24x7 client support
Our Promise

At Light Logics, we are committed to continuously innovate and upgrade our knowledge and experience in holography and related avenues, so as to deliver products and expertise that advance our customer's technologies and products.

Our Teams
team team Light Logics has a vast spectrum of holography products. To cater to the market requirements and address the technological challenges associated, we have dynamic and dedicated Teams functioning in various avenues of holography. Our Teams are lead by well experienced and renowned scientists and engineers. Security Holography, Display Holography, R&D and Innovation, Applied Optics, Design, Client Relations and Support, Business Development, Global Relations, Logistics and Operations etc. are a few of our active teams.
Our Presence

Our Global Operations Centre and Holography Studio are located in Technopark, Trivandrum, first and foremost Technology Park of India. Light Logics Production, R&D and Innovation Centers are located on Crescent Hill, a tranquil and pristine hill at Thiruvallom, near the world famous Kovalam beach. Our operations in the Middle East and the African region are extended through Light Logics International Holograms and Systems FZE, Ras Al Khaimah, UAE, our Middle East arm. Our Strategic Link Partners (SLPs) in various countries ensure customer support and cater to the needs of our clients across the globe.

team team team team
Crescent Hill, Trivandrum
Kovalam Beach
Technopark, Trivandrum

Quality Policy

Our Quality Mission is set so as to be a worldwide leader in holographic machines and holography products manufacturing and providing cutting edge technology solutions in holography. Light Logics is dedicated to continuously evolving our expertise and knowledge so as to deliver products and know-how that advance our customer’s requirements of holography products and solutions. We value long standing client relations through service oriented and ethical business deals leading to profitable mutual growth. Light Logics is certified for following a quality Management System that complies with the ISO 9001:2000.

Security Policy

One of the main action areas of Light Logics is design and development of security products and solutions. We are aware that secure production and secure delivery of products and solutions are extremely important to our clients. To protect the interests of our genuine clients of security products, we follow strict security procedures, a step ahead of international norms and Authenticity Assurance Procedures. Light Logics is dedicated to secure production and secure delivery of security products and Solutions.

A word of thanks

We believe that business is a spontaneous outcome of the process of making globally valued products of relevance to the entire humanity. We are aware that this value cannot be created without the support and help of a set of visionaries and policymakers and the dedicated efforts and sacrifice of a set of people. Along with our cherished customers and investors, Light Logics thanks all the above ones for their priceless vision and support.