Our Achievements

Light and light based devices are gaining increased importance in next generation information communication technologies. As the only means to store and retrieve light with its whole information content, holography plays pivotal roles in imaging, information transfer and storage, product authentication, personnel and data security etc. Integrated optics, optical information processing, virtual reality and solar energy coupling are a few other emerging application avenues of holography.

In view of the above developments, Light Logics has started production of a set of core holography machines and holographic photopolymer materials and devices of great scientific and commercial relevance. Our above achievements facilitated a unique market positioning and the young and dynamic Light Logics has attained the status of a pioneering global holography machinery and techno-solutions provider, with the widest spectrum of holography products and advanced technology solutions. The company has been recently adorned with the prestigious award for the most techno-intensive Indian Company under the ISBA umbrella.

Development of holographic Aim Sight elements, HoloSecureTM Card - a state of the art Citizen ID device of great durability and security, indigenous development of super high security dot-matrix digital hologram origination machines (25,000 dpi), holographic mapping of stress at the footprint of tyres etc. are our big strides in commercial and scientific holography. As a great recognition to our efforts, the Asian Professional Security Association (APSA) invited Light Logics to deliver the keynote address on Personnel Authentication, in the 2009 APSA International Conference held at Singapore. Theme of this celebrated Asian event was Regional Cooperation in Combating Crime and Terrorism. Also, we were honored by the Asian Anti-counterfeiting Association (AAA) through their invitation to present a technical exposition on “Recent Trends in Security Holography”, in the AAA International Conference 2009, held at the Suntec Centre, Singapore.

APSA Conference, Singapore

UK at APSA Exhibition

Key note address at APSA by Light Logics

ISBA Award 2009

STX Aprilis INC, USA and Light Logics join hands in holography
STX Aprilis, the global leader in holographic data storage and related technologies and Light Logics Holography and Optics Pvt. Ltd signed an agreement of collaboration in holographic technologies and business development. During the third week of January 2010 and in a joint function at Boston, USA, Dr. David Waldman, CTO of STX Aprilis, Mr. Heonsoo Rhee, President/CEO of STX Aprilis and Dr. P.T. Ajith Kumar, President and Leading Specialist of Light Logics will formally announce this.

Indian Government recognizes Light Logics through Central Funding to core Holography Technology Development and Commercialization projects.
As the most techno-intensive Indian holography Company, Light Logics has contributed to the development of strategic holographic elements and started commercial production of holographic materials with global relevance. A team of experts of the Department of Scientific and Industrial research, under its largest network program supporting innovation has identified great national importance and global potential for the innovative ideas and action areas of Light Logics. The company’s efforts were thus complemented by the Union Government by extending financial support to two of our challenging projects.

ISBA Award 2009

UK at APSA Exhibition

First Indian Holography Exibition

First Indian Holography Exibition

Light Logics, Technopark, receives gold medal in the Lockheed Martin - DST India Innovation Programme

Lockheed Martin Corporation, USA is one of the biggest innovation companies of the world and they are popularly known as the makers of F16 fighter planes. Department of Science and Technology, Government of India and Lockheed Martin Corporation started cooperation since 2007 towards India Innovation Growth Program, in order to identify and commercialise cutting edge innovations. As part of the program, about five hundred innovative ideas were collected across the country and it took about six months’ hard work and stringent scrutiny to shortlist the award winning technologies. A global survey on the commercial feasibility of the technologies was conducted by the IC2 Institute, University of Texas, in association with the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industries (FICCI). The programme was also associated by the Indo US Science and Technology Forum.

This year, Kerala has a reason for joy and for the first time in the entire history of the program. Light Logics Holography and Optics, a pioneering holography technology company from Technopark, Trivandrum, has won gold medal in the program. The award was handed over to Dr. P.T. Ajith Kumar, CEO, Light Logics by Shri. Prithviraj Chavan, Minister of Science & Technology, in a glittering ceremony held at NewDelhi on May 20, 2010. Dr. Ray O Johnson, Chief Technology Officer -Lockheed Martin, Mr. Sam Pitroda, Advisor to Hon’ble Prime Minister on Infrastructure, Innovation and Information, Dr. T Ramasami, Secretary, Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India, Mr. H.K. Mittal, Advisor & Head, Department of Science & Technology, Govt. Of India, Mr.Sid Burback, Director, Global Commercialization Group, IC2 Institute, University of Texas, Mr. Nirankar Saxena, Director, FICCI and Dr. Arabinda Mitra, Executive Director, Indo US S&T Forum were also present during the function.

Light Logics started production of Holographic Photopolymer Plates
Photopolymer is popularly known as the Silicon of Photonics. In view of the emergence of optical solutions for next generation information communication technologies, Light Logics has tied up with the Cochin University of Science and Technology and started commercial level optimization and production of holographic photopolymer. Indigenous production of photopolymer is a great stride in the S&T history of India and will lead to cost effective production of strategic holographic and photonic devices of global relevance.

Light Logics Develops Holographic Aim Sight Elements
Aim Sights are used to facilitate sharp aiming of weapons. Holographic Aim Sights have several advantages over conventional Laser Sights and is a great support device in field level anti-terror operations and the self defence of all countries. Light Logics successfully developed this holographic element of critical importance and we are now the second global manufacturer of holographic Aim Sight elements.

Light Logics Adorned with the Prestigious Award for the Most Techno-Intensive Engineering Production Company of India under ISBA
Light Logics initiated successful commercialization of a set of holographic products of great global value. This success in bringing technology to light, by taking it beyond the four walls of research laboratories, is recognized by the Indian Science and Technology Parks and Business Incubators Association and through a stringent evaluation process; Light Logics has been selected from among thousands of Indian innovation companies for the prestigious ISBA Award 2009, by a panel of coveted judges. Light Logics now initiates commercialization of five first-time in India products.

Light Logics Initiates Business activities in the Middle East
As part of its commitment to the global holography industry, and to ensure better reach to its clients, Light Logics started its operations in the Middle East from October 2007. A very dynamic and industry friendly Government system facilitate and add pace to modern business. Apart from the Middle East region, the Company now reaches its African clientele in a faster and better way.

Light Logics Started Operations in Technopark
Considering the importance of holography and related technologies in next generation information communication technologies, a technical committee instituted by the Technopark decided to induct Light Logics into Technopark, the first and foremost technology parks of the country, under the T-TBIC. This new support from the Sate facilitated premium international business venue was a great recognition to the young Company.

Light Logics Conducted 1st Indian Exhibition of Display Holograms
Light Logics conducted an Exhibition of Display Holograms in the Roerich Art Gallery, Trivandrum from April 4-7, 2007. This first Indian Exhibition of creative and display holograms was organized as part of the Indo-Russian Festival to commemorate 60 Years of Diplomatic Ties. Ambassador of Russian Federation to India, His Excellency Mr. Vyachaslav Ivanovich Trubnikov inaugurated the festival on 4 April 2007 at the Russian Cultural Centre Auditorium. The event was inaugurated by Dr. Ratheesh C Nair, Director, Gorkhy Bhavan.

MoU with Technopark

AAA EC Meeting

MoU with Keltron

Kerala University Certificate design Award

AAA Welcomes Light Logics
Asian Anti-counterfeit Association invited Light Logics to make a technical presentation on Machine Readability and Automation of Holographic Authentication. The annual executive meeting held at Shenzhen on November 3rd, as part of the prestigious China Public Security Exhibition 2007 approved Light Logics as a Corporate Member of the Association and offered support to Light Logics in its efforts to prevent counterfeiting and forgery in the Indian sub-continent.

KELTRON Signs MoU with Light Logics
With over a 30-year long track record in manufacturing sophisticated electronic devices and systems, Kerala Sate Electronics Development Corporation (KELTRON) has been a catalyst in making electronics work in almost every aspect of the Indian daily life. As great recognition to the technological strength of Light Logics in holographic imaging and related technologies, KELTRON signed an MoU with Light Logics as the strategic Partner in holographic technologies.