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Membership - Quantity discount and a trip to Kerala or Dubai
To support our regular clients, we have introduced express delivery schemes with quantity discounts and credit points. Our regular clients can opt for Standard and Premium Membership, based on the business requirement. Standard members get 5% discount and the Premium members get 10% discount over our regular pricing. Premium membership is admitted based on a onetime order of over 50,000 USD or assured recurring monthly orders of over 2500 USD. Members get one credit point for each 1000 USD purchase and 50 credit points will make the Member eligible for another 50 bonus credit points. 100 credit points makes the Member entitled to have a visit to Kerala or Dubai with free air ticket and 3 days paid accommodation in selected 5 star hotels or resorts*. This is over and above the standard Member Discount we offer. Also, members can avail the Membership facility to securely track their orders, and Credit Points by using the MIN number. Join or contact our 24 hour customer support.

Security Holography
Master holograms delivered in 48 hours
Light Logics has introduced Fast Track hologram mastering scheme. Our clients can utilize this special facility now we dispatch the master in 48 hours. We provide this service on 24x7 day basis. It is common that most of the security hologram mastering companies takes a minimum of about two weeks to deliver the master. But, in this fast moving world, such routine time delay is a big hindrance to faster implementation of security holography projects and results in loss and damages to clients. For fast track hologram master recording contact our 24 hour customer support.

1 million Certified Security Holograms for USD 555. 00
A security hologram is an advanced protection and authentication device with complex microscopic structural content. Design of security holograms and the procedures followed by the production Company decide the security content and value of these optical variable devices. Unfortunately several security hologram manufacturers view this advanced security tool as a sticker with glitter. Though such casual approach in production can marginally save on cost, this leads to easy making of counterfeit holograms and, in long-term, results in loss and damages of goodwill of the end-users. To address this real issue, Light Logics has introduced Secure and Certified Holograms. Such holograms are produced by following strict standards of production and security procedures, right from design to delivery.

Special Offer for the Printing Industry
Introduction of holography has added a new dimension to the printing industry and a big business avenue for existing printers and new entrepreneurs in printing. Light Logics holographic stamping foils, packaging materials and security holograms and full 3D holographic images are widely applied in quality printing.

Also, we provide reliable technology solutions right from site survey to hologram origination, end to end machinery delivery (performance certified) to production optimization. Light Logics provides special training on holography for printing technologists.

Education and Hobby
10 mW solid-state red laser free with our LLHC 039 holography kits. 10% discount on Educational Kits
Promotional Stock Clearance sales. Hurry! Limited stock only!!

Business Opportunity
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