Display Hologram Mastering

Light Logics manufactures display holograms and provide display hologram mastering service. Avail our special master and bulk copy schemes for recording holograms of your country specific and ethnic images CONTACT Light Logics.

Alternatively, you can avail our mastering service to get the master recorded and do the copying on-site, by applying our compact copy studio. The package includes Copy Studio, Recording Plates, Processing Chemicals and on-site Training.

Display holograms have very interesting diamentional and color effects and the stunning visual impact has resulted in lots of applications for display holograms. These include portraiture, art, brand promotion, image archieving, exhibition, profile recording, diffractive souvenirs etc. For all your display hologram mastering needs CONTACT Light Logics. Using our compact hologram copy system you can have on-site mass copying.


Snake God




Internet City Hologram