Display Holograms

We are one of the most reliable and cost effective sources of holographic packaging materials. Light Logics delivers wide-web holographic foils for the printing and packaging industry. The applications include glitter packaging of cosmetics, food materials, readymade and designer garments. Gift wrapping, decoration, GREEN packaging, holographic brand building and product promotion are a few other avenues of applications. For a full list of market applications of security holograms, please click to Market and Applications

Wineglass Hologram

Holo Sphere

Holographic Photopolymer

Green Photopolymer Hologram

Lord Ganesh Hologram

Budha Hologram

Creative Hologram

Red Sensitive Photopolymer

Portrait Hologram

Our stock displays include own recorded holograms and display holograms from leading laboratories and creative holographers across the world. The range includes collection holograms, worship holograms, holographic portraits, holographic displays for product promotion, advertisement holograms, illusion holograms and creative holograms. Computer generated display holograms of size up to 1.5m X 1m is supplied. We support Artists by providing our studio facilities so as to convert their artwork into holographic creations of eye catching dimensional and color features.

We have different categories of display holograms.
Portrait Holograms
Creative Holograms
Worship Holograms
Celebrity Holograms
Corporate Logo Holograms
Advertisement Holograms
Single copy collection Holograms

For more details contact our 24 hour Client Support Centre. Our Client Relation Officers will be pleased to assist you and provide you with more information.

Display Holography: Free Download
Creative Holography: Free Download