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Applications: advertisement, creative holography, corporate logo holograms, worship holograms, celebrity holograms, exhibitions, image archiving, profile storage, holographic brand building etc.

HoloLive Camera and Studio (LL-HLS 3040A)
Light Logics manufacture Holographic Camera and Studio Systems for the production and copying of display holograms of live and inanimate subjects. Our HoloLive camera produces display holograms of stunning visual appeal, color and dimensional properties. If a picture is a frozen moment, equivalent to a thousand words, a hologram is frozen space-time and is equivalent to a million words. Due to this, our display holography machines have great potential in advertisement, art and creative imaging, portraiture, image archiving, exhibitions, museums etc. Our Holo-Studio includes HoloLive camera, copy system (LL-HCC 3040A), recording materials, technology package, turn-key installation and training.

Advertisement, Portrait holography, Creative holography, Corporate logo holograms, Worship holograms, Celebrity Holograms, Exhibitions, Image Archiving, Profile storing, Non-destructive testing, holographic brand building etc. For the first time in the industry, Light Logics has introduced the One Studio-One City scheme. This is a techno-business package meant for entrepreneurs who look for new business ventures. Set up a new holographic studio in your city. It is great business!!!

HoloPort Camera (LL-HPC 3040A)
This is a portable pulse camera for field level applications. Excellent holographic images for Exhibitions, Museums and image archiving can be recorded with this camera. The camera works in conjunction with our copy system LL-HCC 3040A and facilitates field level recording and bulk copying of display holograms.

HoloStat Camera and Studio (LL-HSC 3040A)
These machines are for recording excellent commercial display holograms of static subjects. Eye catching holograms of size up to 40cm x 30 cm size can be recorded and copied. The compact copy system facilitates in-house mass copying of white light display holograms.

Whatever may be your holography display applications, we have a solution for you.

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Holographic Portrait Camera and Studio

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