Education and Hobby Kits

Student Level Kits and Systems
Light Logics manufactures a set of educational kits for laboratory experiments and having hands on experience with advanced avenues of holography and photonics. These include general laser based kits and holographic kits. The kits can be used for graduate level and post graduate level student experiments on holography, optical data storage, wireless optical LAN etc. These kits are useful for physics, computer science and mechanical engineering students.

Laser experiments kit
Interferometry kits
Fiber optics kits
Wireless Optical LAN
Multi-experiment Holography kit
Holographic NDT kit
Optical Processor kit
HOE Recording kit
Digital speckle pattern interferometry (DSPI)

General Component List
Precision Opto-mechanics
Bread board
Pneumatic isolation pads
Processing chemicals

Holography Data storage kit
Holography is considered as a potential technology for next generation data storage. A set of experiments on holographic data storage can be conducted by using our kit. A liquid crystal spatial light modulator (LC SLM) and real time photopolymer recording material are included in the kit for having easy data recording.

General Component List
Spatial Light Modulator
Precision Mounts
Bread board
Pneumatic isolation pads
Film/ Plate
Processing Chemicals
CCD Camera
PC (Optional)

Holography R & D systems
We deliver tested and ready to install holography systems for R&D. Such systems save time and money in holography research and ensure performance reliability and ease of use. These systems include R&D Systems for research in holographic data storage, solar holography and holographic NDT.

It is really exciting to record holograms at home. Many people practice holography as a hobby and later venture into holography business. Light Logics offer a set of kits for holography hobbyists, right from starter kit to advanced level hobby camera. Diode laser holographic kits, Helium Neon laser based kits and Diode Pumped Solid State (DPSS) laser based kits are available. Our step by step training booklet makes it really enjoyable to use the kits. Experience the wonderful world of holographic imaging and create your own holographic space.

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Level 1 Hobby Kit
This kit is for the beginners who love to learn and experience the wonderful experience of hologram recording. The kit includes optics, opto-mechanical components and a diode laser, packaged along with the holographic film, processing spices and the recipe.

Level 2 Kit
The Level 2 kit is for second level hobbyists and holography enthusiasts who have prior knowledge in photography and hands on experience with lasers. The major attraction here is a stable He-Ne laser source. Eye catching holograms of size up to 25cms x 20cms can be recorded. The kit is supplied separately or as add on to the Level 1 kit.

Level 3 Kit
This kit is for matured Amateur Holography Hobbyists, who are ready to take up holography as a career. The DPSS laser makes it possible to record deep holograms of up to 40cm x 30 cm size. The Step by Step booklet helps you to tour deeper into the exciting world of holography.

HoloHobby Cam
This ready to shoot hobby camera facilitate recording of Denisyuk holograms of various objects. Holographic film, processing spices and the recipe are included. This camera facilitates easy shooting of excellent small format holograms. Just load and shoot for eye catching holograms and create own gallery and collection.

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Holography Kits

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