Holographic Materials

Wide web GREEN holograms for packaging
Holographic Packaging films
Holographic stamping foils
GREEN holographic gift wrapping paper
Holographic gift warping foils
Holographic textile decorating materials
Holographic security thread
Holographic architectural glass

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Holographic Materials for Printing Industry

Introduction of holography has added a new dimension to the printing industry. Now holographic stamping foils, packaging materials and security holograms are widely being applied in quality printing. Introduction of full 3D holographic images in printing will really revolutionize the industry. Light Logics provide the printing industry with a spectrum of quality holograms essential for quality printing.

Also, we support the printing industry by providing reliable technology solutions and delivering quality machines for origination, converting and precise application of holograms. Light Logics provides special training on holography for printing technologists.

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Holographic Bio-degradable Materials

Embossed Foils

Stamping Foils

General Pattern

Stamping Foils

General Pattern

Bio-degradable Boards

Decorative Holographic Films

Transparent Films

Holographic Glass

Holographic stamping foil

Packaging hologram

Holographic gift warp

Holographic tax stamp roll

Stamping Hologram

Holographic tax stamp roll