Holographic Optical Elements

Light Logics produces professional grade holographic optical elements such as holographic gratings, holographic lenses, holographic diffusers, aim sight elements and multifunction thin and volume diffractive elements for various scientific, communication and industrial applications. Our base recording materials include photopolymers, silver halide, dichromated gelatin, photoresist, photorefractive glass and thermoplastics.
• Light Circuits
• Beam Splitting and Combining
• Optical Keys
• Gun Sights
• Optical Interconnects
• Communication
• Light Concentration
• Optical LANs
• Science Experiments
• Laser Special Effects
• Cool Lighting

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Holographic Aim Sight Element

Embossed Holograting

Blue Laser Diffraction by a Holographic Photonic Crystal

Holographic Aim Sight

Holographic Photonic Crystal

Holographic Photonic Crystal diffraction

Power Spectrum of White Light

Holographic Photonic Crystal

Holographic Solar Element

Highly Transparent Hololens

Holographic Diffusers

Holographic Gratings

Solar hologram spectrum

Solar holography lens

Holographyic solar concentrator