Market Avenues and Applications

Embossed Holography Machines
Security Printing, Packaging Industry, Tax Stamp Production, Document Security etc.

Display Holography Machines
Advertising Companies, New Entrepreneurs, Museums, Image Archiving Centers, Profile Storage, NDT and NDE Companies, Research labs, Art Studios etc.

Embossed Holograms
Printing, document security, airport security, product authentication, personnel authentication, brand protection, brand promotion, garment embellishment, banking security, tamper seals, flexible packaging, security packaging, glitter packaging, art and creation, tax stamps, decoration, embossed displays, security threads, sun control and decorative films, stamps, stationary etc.

Display Holograms
Advertisement, corporate branding, real-estate, collection, education, art and creation, exhibitions, museums, archiving, portraiture, signage, gifts, illusions etc. ID Cards and Secure IDs
Personnel Authentication, Digital Passports, Citizen IDs, Corporate IDs, Credit Cards, Debit Cards Transaction IDs, Governance Cards, Vehicle IDs, Driving Licenses, Travel cards Green Cards, Smart Warranty IDs, Product IDs, Loyalty Cards, Travel cards

Holographic Optical Elements (HOEs)
Coherent imaging, solar energy coupling, optical processing, beam shaping, wireless optical LAN, security, aim sights

Educational and Hobby Kits
Research and development, colleges, schools, science popularization, hobby, art and creation, collection

Holographic Non-destructive Testing (HNDT)
Stress measurement, remote temperature measurement, NDT of submarine pipes, aerospace and shipping

Vibration Isolation
Holography, R&D, High resolution imaging, microscopy, optics and photonics experiments