New Products

Super High resolution Dot-matrix machines
Light Logics has introduced ultra high security (25000dpi) dot matrix machines for security hologram mastering. This state-of-the-art mastering machine, especially suited for high end OVD production, is the best image array hologram machine now available and is an outcome of several years of extensive R&D activities. Origination of currency note holograms, holographic tax stamps and high end document security are application avenues.

GREEN GLITTER Secure Packaging
Light Logics introduced GREEN glitter packaging materials for eco-friendly packaging and GREEN brand building. This range of holographic materials reduces the Carbon Foot Print and leads to next generation packaging of your products. We provide turnkey solutions for GREEN Holographic Packaging, right from design of the holograms to production of the package and its bulk supply.

Holographic Aim Sight Elements
Holographic Aim Sights have lots of advantages over conventional Sights. However, development of professional grade holographic Aim Sight elements is tricky and demands convergence of several technologies, in comparison with the recording of an ordinary holographic element. Light Logics has successfully developed professional grade holographic aim sight elements and is now available for sale.

Holographic Decorative Glass
This is a new product for architecture and decoration. Its rainbow effects and depth effects is a great visual treat and adds an enchanting effect architectural structures, hotel lobbies, restaurants, dance floors, theaters etc. A creative mind finds several applications for this new generation product that creates stunning visual impact and wonder.

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