Light Logics manufactures and supplies a range of optical components. Our product range includes coated lenses, mirrors, fixed density beam splitters, variable density beam splitters and beam attenuators. Light Logics is one of the most cost effective sources of quality optical components, designed and developed by professionals with hands on experience in advanced areas of optics and photonics.

• Coated Lenses
• Mirrors
     ο Enhanced Wide band Aluminum
     ο Narrow band laser mirrors
• Beam Splitters
     ο Continously Varying Reflectivty
     ο Discreatly Varying
     ο Circular and Square
     ο Cube Type
• Spatial filter objectives and Pin holes
• Beam Expanders
• Collimators
• Beam Attenuator

Optics for Holography

Practical holography needs various special optical components. The requirement and specifications vary as per the applications of the holographic system and its adaptability. We supply optical components that are optimized for your holography applications.

Coated Lens

Beam Directors

Metal Mirrors

Glass Substrates

Prisims and Blanks

Coated Mirrors

Diode Lasers

He-Ne Lasers

Diffractive Optics

Light Logics produces professional grade holographic optical elements such as holographic gratings, holographic lenses, holographic diffusers, aim sight elements and multifunction thin and volume diffractive elements for various scientific, communication and industrial applications. Our base recording materials include photopolymers, silver halide, dichromated gelatin, photoresist, photorefractive glass and thermoplastics.

  • Light Circuits
  • Beam Splitting and Combining
  • Optical Keys
  • Gun Sights
  • Optical Interconnects
  • Communication
  • Light Concentration
  • Optical LANs
  • Science Experiments
  • Laser Special Effects
  • Cool Lighting etc

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