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Light Logics is a technology oriented company and we focus much on Research and Development, leading to cost effective solutions and relevant products that benefit our customers. Since Light Logics addresses a wide spectrum of avenues in holography. This makes us unique and distinct from other companies which are generally into security holography alone. A very strong technological backup by world-renowned experts with over twenty five years of applied research and industrial experience in holography and photonics is our key strength. Consistent Research and Development efforts lead us to continuous improvement of machinery and processes and make them reliable and cost effective. Our efforts in this direction facilitated development of strategic HOEs, special mastering and security features, variable holographic data recording for security, knowledge based hologram reading devices etc. Holographic R&D areas addressed include pattern recognition, optical elements, non-destructive evaluation (NDE), variable data storage, special security imaging, holographic bio-metric identification and automation.

As a commercial venture initiated by professionals in multifarious areas related to holographic imaging and information communication technologies, Light Logics has special strength in executing research projects from concept level to development. Thus not only production, but research is also our business. We take up own research projects in various areas of holography and related avenues. Also we welcome externally funded international industrial contract research projects in holography, as per international business process outsourcing. Our related action areas are holographic data storage, holographic material development, holographic non-destructive testing and evaluation and development of holographic optical elements (HOEs) and special diffractive elements. Clear cut timeframe, quality execution and a transparent and straight forward approach in intellectual property rights are our strengths.

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