Recording Materials

Holographic Silverhalide plates and films
Light Logics provide red sensitive, green sensitive, blue sensitive and color holographic plates and films of various sizes and specifications. Download specification sheets.

Photoresist plates for security holography
We supply home spun photoresist plates of repeatable performance for hologram mastering. Download specification sheets.

Dichromated Gelatin plates
Light Logics makes own Dichromated Gelatin (DCG) plates and deals plates of leading manufacturers. Download specification sheets.

Holographic Photopolymer
Holographic photopolymer is popularly known as the silicon of photonics. This versatile material has lots of practical applications ranging from data storage to development of high efficiency optical elements. Light Logics is one of the very few companies that makes holographic photopolymers. Download specification sheets.

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A processed Silver Halide holographic plates

Non processed Photo-resist plate for Mastering

HOEs in Photopolymer

Master recorded in Light Logics Photo-resist plate

Power spectrum of an HOE recorded in Light Logics DCG Plate

Image recorded in Photopolymer

Image recorded in Photopolymer

Holo-grating in Photopolymer

Holographic photopolymer plates

DCG Plates