Security Holograms

Light Logics design, manufacture and deliver high quality super secure holograms and holographic security products for authentication, anti-counterfeiting, document security, IDs, scratch cards, packaging and prevention of forgery. Our security holograms and products are made as per international security standards and norms. Please refer to our Security Policy. Transparent security holograms for Passport and ID sealing, holographic scratch labels, security threads, wide web security holographic packaging films are also supplied. Ready to apply diffractive security strips, ready-to-print rolls with holographic strips and overlapping encrypted barcodes are supplied as per customer requirements. These rolls can be effectively applied for cost effective and secure manufacturing of Tax Stamps. Above this, our express supply scheme helps clients to avail quick procurement of security holograms and holographic products. We instantly deliver client specific stock holograms too. Light Logics offer Client Support in security holography, image registration, brand protection and brand promotion and effective application on products. For a full list of market applications of security holograms, please click to Market and Applications.

Our range of security holography products includes:

Full 3D
Electron Beam
Silver Halide

2D/3D Hologram

Holographic Tax Stamp with hidden UV serial numbering

Apart from advanced design support, we offer special holographic security features such as

* Diffractive logo registered image
* Laser readable hidden image [also known as Covert Laser Readable (CLR) Image]
* Film readable opaque image
* DRCAD (Difficult to repeat CAD) features
* Diffractive Moiré
* CLR Animation
* Personal photo layer
* Switch effect range (horizontal, vertical, 90 degree, mini-switch etc.)
* Kinematic color animation
* Micro text and Nano text
* Pixel variable effect
* True color images
* Fringe modulated full 3D
* Figure in Flight (FiF) image (banknote feature) etc.

For placing Order and more details contact our 24 hour Client Support Centre. Our engineers will be pleased to assist you and provide you with optimum solutions for your requirement.

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Ready to Deliver Stock Holograms

Holographic Scratch Label

Ready to Deliver Stock Holograms

Holographic Tax Stamp with hidden UV serial numbering

Electron Beam Hologram

Combination Security Hologram

Packaging Holograms

We are one of the most reliable and cost effective sources of holographic packaging materials. Light Logics delivers wide-web holographic foils for the printing and packaging industry. The applications include glitter packaging of cosmetics, food materials, readymade and designer garments. Gift wrapping, decoration, GREEN packaging, holographic brand building and product promotion are a few other avenues of applications. For a full list of market applications of security holograms, please click to Market and Applications

Ready to use hologram applied paper rolls

Wide Web Holographic Rolls for Security Packaging

Holographic security thread

Computer Generated Security Holograms

Computer Generated Security Holograms

Fully Holographic Metallic HoloSecure Smart Cards with Laser Engraved Variable Data

For more details contact our 24 hour Client Support Centre. Our engineers will be pleased to assist you and provide you with optimum solutions for your requirement.

Holography in Packaging: Free Download
Holographic GREEN Packaging: Free Download

Holographic IDs

Holographic ID Cards
Light Logics undertake design and secure production of high security ID cards for defence, police, aviation industry, public security, personnel authentication and corporate IDs. We accept orders from across the world, design, personalize and manufacture cards and securely deliver. Our ID cards include hologram affixed cards, hologram laminated cards and fully holographic and metallic HoloSecureTM IDs for digital passports, national IDs and citizen cards. We produce ID cards with double sided holographic lamination also. For a full list of market applications of security holograms, please click to Market and Applications

Our Security design Team undertakes design of high security ID Cards for corporate organizations. We undertake secure production of certified protected data holographic ID cards and ensure secure spot delivery to corporate firms across the globe.

For more details contact our 24 hour Client Support Centre. Our engineers will be pleased to assist you and provide you with optimum solutions for your requirement.

HoloSecureTM Card

Alarming spread of insurgency and terror activities across the globe has added complex dimensions and importance to personnel authentication, than ever before. These demand new approaches in the design and development of identification devices that infuse the latest technological developments and show endurance in meeting the challenges and the associated ground realities. Development of HoloSecureTM Card is a great step forward in this direction. This next generation optical smartcard has lots of unique features. HoloSecureTM ID Card

• is fully Holographic and hence has very high security
• is fully metallic and hence has very high durability
• has laser engraved variable data
• is tamper evident
• holds hundreds of security features
• has machine readable holographic features
• can hold contact or contact less smart chips
• has photopolymer data chip
• holds 3D images and hidden animation
• has multilevel bio-metric information

• Involve s proven state of the art technology
• Is amenable to bulk production
• Deters counterfeiting and forgery
• Tough and endures rough use
• Has long life and durability over conventional plastic cards
• Holds holographic data storage
• Is tamper evident
• Holds smart features of conventional smart cards
• Hybrid security (photonic and electronic)

• Citizen IDs
• Smart Electronic passports
• Personnel authentication
• Critical installations (say airports, defense, power plants etc.)
• Police ID
• Vehicle Registration Card
• License Card
• Lifetime IDs (12 years or more)

Document on Citizen IDs: Download
HoloSecureTM Card at APSA Singapore

Hologram Readers

Need for hologram reading and authentication
Secure production, prevention of reuse, introduction of traceable features and field level authentication are core factors that decide the efficacy of any security holography project. In field level authentication Portable Hologram and Tax Stamp Readers play a vital role. We have a range of tax stamp readers that can read sate-of-the-art and high security holographic and printed features of challenging nature that are applied even on Banknotes and Passports. A hologram has to be verified at several situations. These can be by the original product manufacturer, parties involved in the associated document security, enforcement personnel or the governments. Primary authentication of a security hologram is straight forward, if one has an original hologram for reference. Also, feature based advanced verification can done by using hologram readers and other support equipment. This is a knowledge based process and needs microscopic information of the original hologram and its design. Download presentation on machine readability of security holograms.

Laser Covert Information Readers
This handheld reader with a battery operated solid-state laser probe can read holographic hidden information, CLR images, hidden animation etc. This is especially suitable and can be directly applied for reading the hidden images in tax stamp holograms.

Hybrid Hologram Readers
This reader can magnify, locate and precisely probe with a laser beam and read the hidden information. A selector switch facilitates white light and laser illumination. An adjustable lens makes it handy for persons with different eye accommodation. Apart from the above, this very compact reader can also read micro text, Guilloche patterns, kinematic color information and other general overt and CLR features of holograms.

Digital Reader Mouse
This new generation digital reader mouse is a versatile security reader that connects to the laptop or the personal computer. It has various advanced options for white light, ultraviolet, and infrared reading and gives high image details with a combination of optical and digital magnifying power. Excellent optical quality combined with image grabbing and variable data tracking software makes this a tool ideal even for challenging field level authentication requirements. Download Brochure

Hybrid Digital Hologram and Document Readers
This digital reader with a 50mm x 40 mm LCD display is the ultimate security reader for both field level and desktop level verification and combines compactness, flexibility and user friendliness. Hence it is a choice of both experts and enforcement. It can directly display the images or connect to a laptop or a PC. Sophisticated capabilities and adaptability of this reader makes it a very handy tool for the verification of high security holograms and tax stamps with both printed and features and advanced holographic features, printed labels with microscopic, infrared, ultraviolet and a combination of these security features. Its excellent optics, combined with the LCD display and electronic fixed zoom, makes it smart and ideal tool for hassle free field verification. Download Brochure

For more details contact our 24 hour Client Support Centre. Our engineers will be pleased to assist you and provide you with optimum solutions for your requirement.

Machine readability of security holograms: Free Download