Security Holography Raw Materials

Light Logics range of raw materials include tamper evident films for hologram embossing, direct embossible films, high refractive index films, hot stamping foils, transparent films for hologram embossing, films for wide web soft embossing etc. Multi colour tamper evident films with UV readable features are also supplied. The color range includes gold, silver, copper, purple, parrot green etc. In our high security holographic void films, the word 'VOID' become readable when tampered with. Our material range includes Various chemicals of high purity, required for electroforming, are also supplied. Our chemicals are certified by holographers and yield very bright shims. List includes

• Metallised polyester
• Direct embossable films
• Nickel Sulphamate Solution (ready to use)
• Standardized Activation and Passivation Solutions
• S-Nickel Pellets and Balls

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Materials for Electroforming

Stamping Film- Copper

Stamping Film- Golden

Stamping Film- Silver

Dual colour Security films

Multi colour Tamper evident film

Image recorded in Photopolymer

Photopolymer Material