Turn-key Project Support and Technical Consultancy

If you have a business idea in holography, we provide you with turn key support and help your concept to bloom to reality. As a company with a back up of a technical expertise of about twenty five year's in holographic imaging and with international exposure, we know the market dynamics and its evolution. We pool this expertise for the support of new business ventures in various areas of holography, ranging from security holography to display holography. On-site hands on training and one month joint plant operation and optimization are our key features. This makes the entrepreneur to face the technical challenges with more confidence and deliver quality holographic products in lesser time. Our holographic systems for research laboratories are of high quality, user friendly and cost effective. On site training by our engineers ensures that your path to results and project goals are faster and positive.

Light Logics extend technical support and solutions in a range of avenues in holographic imaging and security. These include hologram mastering and origination, electroforming, security imaging, turn-key projects in holography - from sight survey to production optimization, machinery supply and installation, design and development of holographic imaging systems, holographic product promotion, security document design, hologram integrated high security certificates for universities, security software for in-house data printing etc.

Turn-key Project Support For

Security hologram production facility installation
Technical Support & consultancy
Trained manpower supply for industry
Holographic brand protection
Holographic Brand promotion
Special packages for pharmacy industry
Turnkey Installation
Hologram Production
HOEs for OEMs
High Security Holography
Document security
Holographic Brand promotion
Holographic Brand protection
Holographic Corporate Logos
R&D Mentoring in Holography
Holography Entrepreneur Support
Research laboratory design and set up
Holographic Green Packaging
Vibration isolation
Precision Mounts for OEMs
Security Hologram Mastering
Art Holography Studio Rental
Contract Research
Holographic NDT
Document Security
Turnkey Project Support
End to end machinery installation
Production Optimization and Staff Training
Staff Training on Holography
Technical Consultancy
Contract Research projects
Industrial Holography
Holographic Exhibitions and Museums Security Holography Tutorial Free Download

Security Holography: Free Download
Enhancing Efficacy of Security Holography: Free Download
Machine Readability of Security Holograms: Free Download
Recent Trends in Security Holography: Free Download

Document security

Currency Design

HOE simulation & design

Vibration mapping

Holographic NDT

Holographic NDE

Holographic Pattern Recognition

Holographic NDE

Computer Generated Holography

Holographic Product Promotion

Turn-key Machine Installation

Turn-key Machine Installation

Turn-key Machine Installation

Holography Studio Rental