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Banknote Hologram Origination
Optical Structures & OVDs are used on all modern currency notes, including the Euro and the Dollar. Design & origination of banknote holograms is a highly specialized work that demands deep rooted expertise and experience. Light Logics designs & originates highly intricate and state of the art combination of optical structures that are optimum for banknotes. Various levels of machine readability and authentication with legal sanctity are incorporated effectively to meet the challenging goals.
  • Banknote hologram_lightlogics
  • Holographic strips ready to apply

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Currency Note Design
Whether it is paper or polymer based currency, the security technologies associated with printing and production of these are changing in a highly dynamic manner. In a way, this change is driven by the race between the counterfeiters and the governments. History of leading currency notes tells us about decades of research on materials, security features, and their mutual integration leading to long term dependability, easy primary authentication and scope for expert level verification.
  • Currency note design_lightlogics
  • Hence, those who design Currency notes must have a great amount of knowledge on all traditional and emerging trends of the associated technologies. Also, they must have an in-depth knowledge about the methods used by the counterfeiters and how much a new security feature is prone to an attack. Light Logics’ has core expertise in this avenue and our leading experts have over three decades of acclaimed experience in document security and we have relevant patent pending award. Fusion of photonics, ICT and printing technologies make our designs distinct and virtually impossible to counterfeit.
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Holographic Precision Non-Destructive Testing (HNDT) and Evaluation
Holographic precision NDT&E are widely applied in the aerospace industry. The technique has many advantages over traditional testing methods such as UT, PT, RT, MT and is highly suitable for several niche applications. It is a non-contact method that provides defect detection in submicron accuracy. Also, it tests an area at a stretch and does not require point by point measurement.

Since HNDT is highly sensitive, it can yield information about defects in deeper regions of a sample. Digital Holographic NDT (DHNDT) captures data in a live manner and hence iteration studies are easy and due to this the technology is especially suitable for behavioral analysis of designs and materials. Our HNDT and DHNDT systems are flexible and fast and hence the technology gains wider acceptance in sectors such as marine, offshore, railways, automotive, architecture, civil construction and condition monitoring etc.

Our Precision NDT & E Services
  • Fine Flaw and Crack Detection
  • Design Optimization
  • Stress Mapping
  • Prototype Testing
  • Strain Measurement
  • Material Studies
  • Yield Point Analysis
  • Composition Optimization
  • Thermal Studies
  • Model Studies and Analysis
  • Elastic Studies
  • Condition Testing and Monitoring
  • Vibration Analysis
  • Seismic Studies etc.

Our Facilities
  • Analogue and Digital Field Testing facilities
  • Digital and Analogue Holography Laboratories
  • High Energy Ultra short-pulse Lasers

Our Uniqueness
  • Expertise in both Digital and Analogue HNDT
  • Over three decades of experience
  • We associate with the Indian Space Research Organisation
  • Well experienced and qualified manpower
  • Both onsite and lab based Service rendered
  • Quick global reach.
Tyre DesignTesting_lightlogics
Tyre Design Testing and Optimization
Our technology is especially suitable for testing and optimization of new tyre designs. Stress distribution at the foot print and side walls of new tread designs and behavioral analysis of new material compositions can be precisely mapped and studied. Precision deformation mapping of prototype tyres done by Light Logics by applying our state of the art laboratories is given below.

  • Tyre DesignTesting_lightlogics
  • Tyre design testing_lightlogics

Digital hologram optical structure
Digital hologram optical structure
holographic defect detection
Holographic micro defect detection of an aerospace component
Holographic Precision NDT
Stress distribution on a metal pipe
Precision deformation mapping
Precisely mapped of deformation of a metal block
Prototype and Model analysis
Holographic thickness mapping
Precise mapping of a thickness variation of a plate
Holographic vibration analysis
Precise mapping of a thickness variation of a plate
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Museum holography
Holography is now termed as ultra-realistic imaging and creates optical clones of stunning realism. Even if a portion of a hologram master is damaged, it recreates the entire image recorded. Hence the technology has great importance in image and information archiving. More importantly, holography can achieve even a resolution of the order of 250,000 lines per inch and this is much higher than the ordinary digital resolution.

Holographic storage of images of national leaders, prominent personalities and objects of national, international and cultural importance has great relevance. The technology is much superior to any other 3D technologies. (It is worth mentioning here that the old technology of Peppers Ghost projection is put in a new bottle and shamelessly marketed now by some companies as ‘Digital Holograms’. This is just to cash the wide global acceptance and goodwill gained by Display Holograms and has nothing to do with holographic imaging. Please read the White Paper). Light Logics is one among the very few companies in the world with core competence in holographic image archiving and museum holography.

  • Museum hologram
  • Holographic image archiving

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Architectural Lighting
Holograms have unique ability to scatter, direct, focus, filter and disperse light than any other type of lighting element. Light Logics has core competence in the design and development of holographic diffractive elements for architectural and decorative lighting.
  • Holographic architectural lighting
  • holographic lighting

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Document Authentication
Proper expert level and forensic level verification of security documents and instruments of financial transactions is a must in bringing out a possible forgery and counterfeiting. It is vital in the legal matters and the entire related decision making. Modern security documents are truly complex in its security content and in their authentication. Hence’ verification of the authenticity of documents is a subject that requires specialized knowledge, experience and facilities.
  • Document authentication
  • Docment authentication

  • Optical Structure AFM Image
  • Advanced Document authentication service

Light Logics offers technical service in scientific verification of security documents, IDs and OVDs and we render the service globally.
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