Display Holography

Light Logics houses one of the very few functional holography studios in the world now, for recording analogue portraits and large format display holograms of live as well as inanimate subjects. Holograms create ultra-realistic images with true depth and parallax. When other imaging technologies record the image of a subject or a scene, holograms record the actual light field itself and recreate it in a truthful manner. Hence holograms are visually stunning. The most interesting fact is that the hologram master holds the light information in a distributed manner and even a portion of the hologram can reconstruct the entire image. We deliver display holograms for a range of applications and render Solutions for

  • Portraiture
  • Full Figure Holography
  • Display Hologram Mastering
  • Creative Hologram Mastering
  • Holography studio rental
  • Holographic brand promotion
  • Museum holography and image archiving
  • Display hologram mastering
  • Event and Advertisement hologram origination
  • Computer-generated holography
  • Digital Sculpting for Holography
Lord Ganesh hologram
A display hologram of Lord Ganesh
Also, we take up Projects on precision aging studies of high value museum artifacts by applying our holography techniques.
Portrait holography_lightlogics Display-hologram_lightlogics
A Portrait and a Display Hologram
portrait_ holography_lightlogics
A portrait Hologram
Modern art hologram_lightlogics
A modern art hologram
Computer Generated Display Holograms

Eye catching holographic images with beautiful color and dimensional effects are produced through digital sculpting or wrapping of hundreds of digitally recorded image frames. Then computer simulation of holographic fringes and the hologram is recorded with the help of a laser based Hologram Writer. Color display holograms as big as 150cm x 100cm or higher can be delivered for event, advertisement and other promotional applications related to movies, real-estate etc. Digital sculpting of images of prominent international leaders, sports persons and artists of yesteryears is also taken up by us and wonderfully beautiful memorial holograms are delivered.

Digital sculpting _Computer Generated Hologram
Digital Sculpting for computer generated holography
Holography Digital Sculpting
Digital Sculpting for computer generated holography