Optical Structures for Security and Authentication

Holograms and optical structures are most effective and globally trusted devices to fight against counterfeiting. Hence they are widely applied to protect and ensure authenticity of travel documents, national IDs, certificates, original products, tax labels and even currency notes. However, design of the hologram, its origination technologies and secure production are of immense importance. For more information, please refer to the White Paper.

Light Logics delivers various types of optical structures, OVDs and security holograms for high security applications. Our combination master OVDs use a set of origination technologies so as to fuse together ultra-sophisticated optical structures that are virtually impossible to reverse engineer, yet facilitating easy primary authentication. These finely crafted, tamper evident and securely produced OVDs and holograms ensure maximum security, legal sanctity and easy authentication.

Security Holograms and OVDs
  • Custom Shape Custom Foil Security HologramCustom foil custom shaped high security holograms