Holographic Optical Elements

Light Logics delivers holographic optical elements and optical structures of various types and sizes recorded in a spectrum of materials ranging from photopolymer, photorefractive glass, silverhalide, dichromated gelatin (DCG), photoresist and metals. We offer custom holographic elements too.

  • Custom HOEs for OEMs
  • Holographic wavelength filters
  • Holographic beam shapers
  • Holographic combiners
  • Holographic gratings
  • Holographic reflectors
  • Holographic diffusers
  • Holographic Mux and Demux
  • Holographic lens Arrays
  • Holographic Photonic crystals
  • Holographic interconnects
  • Micro holographic optical elements
  • HOEs for education and research
  • Holographic Aim Sight Elements (Gold Medal technology)
  • Volume Brag Gratings (VBGs)

Holographic Filter
Spectral response of a 10 nm reflection filter

Holographic Filter
Output of a spectral splitting element
Holographic Green Filter Holographic Filter red
Filtered output light


Holographic lens
A printout free holographic lens
Holographic Solar Element
Our Holographic Solar Elements
Holographic Solar lens
Our Holographic Solar Elements
Holographic Grating
Spectral response of one of our Holographic Gratings
<Holographic Photonic Crystal
Output of photonic crystal based opto-coupler
Holographic Reticle
Reticle image of one of our holographic Aim Sight Elements
Holograpjhic Diffusers
Our Holographic Diffusers for strategic applications