News and Events

International Day of Light Flagship Event
Location : Paris, France

SPIE International Day of Light Micro Grants
Congratulations 2018 SPIE IDL Micro Grant Recipients Our 2018 grant recipients include: P.T. Ajith Kumar and Light Logics Holography and Optics (India)

Light Logics selected for US Funding
Light Logics has been selected for the award of SPIE, USA funding for the popularization of laser holography, as part of the International Day of Light May 16th, declared by the United Nations.

Workshop on Sculpting Light
Light Logics, together with the SPIE and Farrok College is organizing a unique hands on Workshop, Sculpting Light - Holography and Applications. Interested candidates are encouraged to submit the Application Form on or before 25th February 2018.

A uniquely holographic celebration of the International Day of Light in its spread and width
Light Logics has chosen holography as a unique medium to celebrate the IDL. Holography is the most popular technology to record and recreate light-fields in its truest way, to create ultrarealistic images and virtual space. Shoot at Site - onsite recording of holograms was an inimitably designed program to celebrate and spread the messages of the IDL. Under the guidance of Dr. Ajith Kumar, students and teachers of schools and colleges - ranging from Dubai to Calcutta - recorded hundreds of holograms in this wonderfully live set of events. Apart from radiating the messages of the IDL, the technical disclosure included a truly down-to-earth description of the principles and applications of laser holography, followed by the hands on session. Experiencing and viewing their first holograms created a big wave of interest and a mood of celebration in all the venues. The events were supported by the SPIE – USA and the Optical Society of India.