Display Holograms

Display Holograms create ultra-realistic images of stunning realism and visual appeal, which alternate 3D technologies are unable to deliver. Holographic images can protrude or recess from the hologram surface and create many cubic meters of virtual space. Display holograms create ultra-realistic images and hence, people of all age group, irrespective of their cultural differences, love to watch, collect and own holograms.

  • Display hologram_lightlogics
  • Lord Ganesh hologram
  • Modern art hologram_lightlogicsModern art hologram_lightlogics
  • portrait hologram_lightlogics
  • Portrait holography_lightlogicsPortrait holography_lightlogics
Classical Display Holograms
  • Portrait holograms
  • Full Figure holograms
  • Corporate Logo holograms
  • National holograms
  • Museum holograms
  • Celebrity holograms
  • Scientists’ holograms
  • Promotional Holograms
  • Collection and Gift Holograms
  • Worship Holograms
  • Creative Holograms
  • Holographic Mementos
  • HOEs for education and research
  • Holographic Aim Sight Elements (Gold Medal technology)
  • Volume Brag Gratings (VBGs)
Optical Clone Holograms

True Color hologram of a subject apparently yields virtual presence of the actual subject. Such holograms are now termed as Optical Clones. Light Logics record and deliver true color holograms of a variety of subjects. Optical cloning has great relevance in image archiving and museum holography.

  • Museum Holograms
  • Holographic Optical Clone
Digital Display Holograms

We sculpt or record digital images of your subject of interest and deliver holographic digital displays of stunning color, depth and dimensional effects. From small frame holograms to holograms of size 150cm x 100cm, or even bigger, for exhibition, product or event promotion are delivered. Also, we do digital sculpting for large format holographic portraiture, creative and promotional holograms.

  • Large Format Advertisement Holograms
  • Promotional Holograms
  • Airport advertisement holograms
  • Corporate Logo Holograms
  • Event holograms
Holographic Vehicle Modelling
Stages of digital sculpting for true color CGH recording
Holography Digital Sculpting
Digital sculpting _Computer Generated Hologram
3D image sculpting for computer generated Display Holography