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Light Logics delivers world's widest range of optical structures, holograms, holographic products and related solutions for commercial, industrial and scientific applications. The company has distinctive and core competence in the above avenues and we cater to the whole world.

Featured Products

Custom HOEs for OEMs
Holographic gratings, Holographic lenses, Volume Bragg gratings
Banknote Holograms
Combination master high security holograms
CP Holograms
Coded Portrait holograms for next-gen passports and national IDs
Holograms for high security applications
Holo-Sight Elements
High efficiency holographic aim sight elements
Ultra-high Security Documents
University certificates, tax stamps, title deeds

Featured Solutions

Banknote Holograms
Combination master hologram origination
Currency Note design
Currency notes with ultra- high security features
Precision HNDT
Digital and analogue Holographic Non- Destructive Testing
Museum Holography
Pulsed laser and color holographic image archiving
Document Authentication
Scientific document authentication service
Architectural Lighting
Decorative and diffractive lighting solutions

Know Us

"Terrific! Wonderful world of Holography and extraordinary creation on this soil, against all odds. ..."
Prof. K.V.R. Chary
Director, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Hyderabad, India.
"Delighted to visit the enthusiastic team, the R&D activities and the facilities created. ..."
Dr. S.S. Sundaram
Distinguished Scientist and Director, Instrument Research and Development Establishment Defence Research and Development Organisation, Government of India, Dehradun
"Fascinating and insightful visit. ..."
Mr. Ian Lancaster
Secretary General, Reconnaissance International, UK
"Very nice Laboratory and motivated Group. ..."
Yves Gentet
Famous Holography Scientist, France
"Fantastic and unbelievable. Great work. ..."
Dr. A.K. Aggarwal
Leading Indian Holography Scientist, CSIO, Chadigarh, India
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